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My Bio

Turns Out People Will Pay Me To Talk

My name is Jason Fella, and I'm a professional voice-over artist and audiobook narrator. I think having a history of public speaking early in my adult life (teaching at a vocational school) helped pave the way for understanding the importance of clear, articulate, professional speaking. 

About 10 years ago I offered to record some audio materials for some Japanese students of English, for a friend of mine, who was a private English teacher. I remember her saying "That's you? Wow! You sound like a professional!" So, I started practicing more and studying other voice-over artists, and how they delivered their lines. I got some voice-over lessons, a decent microphone and I was off and running.

Having been a musician most of my life, I was familiar with a lot of the equipment, software, recording techniques, etc. that was needed for this type of work.

A few years ago I auditioned for my first audiobook job, and now I'm working on my 24th book. I also began auditioning for other voice-over jobs for podcasts, youtube videos, corporate videos, etc. and am lucky enough to have just completed my 27th  job.

When not working, I am an avid artist, and love drawing, painting and animating. I am a voracious reader as well, and also love video games, comic books, cooking/baking, meditation, and foreign languages. I have a 16 year old tuxedo kitty named Spud that allows me to live with her.

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